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Polar Plunge Fun

Despite the misleading name, the Polar Plunge had nothing to do with swimming! Let’s just get that out of the way! This past summer, the boys attended a VBS at the church of some friends. Since then, we’ve been invited … Continue reading

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Girl’s Night In

I’m so glad to have a best friend who enjoys the same things I do! The bestie decided to try and get a small group of ladies together once a month to do a craft. As a crafty introvert I … Continue reading

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Bouncy Balls

Gabe has been begging to make slime for months and months now. I kept putting him off because I didn’t have the clear glue it called for and because I’ve heard that borax is something that really shouldn’t be handled … Continue reading

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I Tried It and I Liked It: Sandwich Rolls

I’ve been trying recipes from Against All Grain’s website and so far I’ve really enjoyed everything. Despite the success of so many of her recipes, I was still hesitant to make these sandwich rolls. For one thing, 3 cups of … Continue reading

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Random Reads: God’s Design for Building Your Marriage and Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian

This past fall I participated in a Bible study with a couple of other women. The book we went through was God’s Design for Building your Marriage by Kay Daigle. I’ve never done a marriage bible study before so I … Continue reading

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Tinker Crate Fun

Ben scoured an amazing deal on Tinker Crate which we gifted to the boys for Christmas. It was just two boxes, but it ended up totaling $8 and we were given a bonus Doodle Crate. This past week was busy, … Continue reading

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Ready to Rock

Luke started taking music lessons at School of Rock about 8 months ago. He started off taking weekly lessons and they quickly encouraged us to enroll him in one of the performance classes. Kids in performance classes not only have private … Continue reading

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Another Winter Ice Storm

This winter is certainly keeping us on our toes. We had several very warm days – 70 degrees –  and now this! Needless to say, everything everywhere was cancelled. The last ice storm caught us all by surprise. Cars slid … Continue reading

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First Snow Day of 2017

Today we woke up to snow blanketing the trees and ground. It was only a few inches, but it was perfect. The creek that cuts across the back of our property isn’t much, but it does look neat in winter. … Continue reading

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Captain Fantastic

I’ve been wanting to watch Captain Fantastic since I first viewed the trailer. It features a homeschooling family that lives out in the wilderness. Instead of video games and tv, the kids spend their days gardening, hunting, rock climbing, playing … Continue reading

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