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Photo Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Joy Well, this worked out! ┬áI’ve had this IKEA mirror on top of one of our tall bookcases forever. I put it there because I didn’t have any other place for it and it filled that spot nicely. … Continue reading

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Homeschool Weekend Wrap-Up 11/7/15

Monday was just a regular day at home which was nice. Luke has been going at his music like crazy now that we have a keyboard and it’s set up. He loves the band OneRepublic and has been learning as … Continue reading

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Homesickness, Just Plain Sickness and the Friends Who Make it Worthwhile

Most Boy Scouts will tell you that the best part of being a Scout is camping. I mean, there are a lot of wonderful activities throughout the year, but camping usually ranks number 1. Last year was a major bummer … Continue reading

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We were thrilled to find another Jr. Ranger badge-earning possibility here close to home. Even better to go with the bestie and her kiddos. White Haven was the home of Ulysses and Julia Grant. While we’ve been to Grant’s Farm … Continue reading

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September: Back to School!

We have almost an entire month of school behind us! Man, that went fast. The boys are going to a homeschool enrichment program every day, all day, on Wednesdays. This was a big decision for us for a few reasons. … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and My Thoughts On It All

I’m pretty sure just about every Christian agrees that forgiveness is good and necessary. What we don’t seem to agree on, exactly, is what forgiveness looks like. I grew up surrounded by a “forgiving is forgetting” attitude and I’m starting … Continue reading

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Not By My Strength Alone

Gabe just rushed into the room, all excited, to tell me that one of his favorite Bible stories is in his reading book. I asked him which one and what are his other favorite Bible stories. The Good Samaritan was … Continue reading

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Protected: Gathering Missing Pieces

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Grace and Truth

The world can be harsh. Can we agree on that? There are so many out there who are quick to condemn, judge, bully, and nitpick. ┬áNaysayers, complainers, and people who will rip into you with vitriolic spew just to make … Continue reading

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I’m setting the more personal posts to password protected. I’m happy to share the password with friends and family so leave a comment, if you’re interested! Thanks for understanding! -jenn

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