Valentine’s Day 2017

In years past I’ve cooked a fun breakfast or dinner (depending on the day of the week ), set the table with fancy dishes, and made a bit of a fuss. This year, I woke up sick and just didn’t have it in me to do much of anything.

Thankfully, Ben had decided to pick up some breakfast goodies the night before as a surprise. They weren’t exactly healthy, but it was gluten and dairy-free so I appreciated that!

Thankfully, I’m usually pretty good at not waiting until the last minute on things so I had little gifts for Ben and the boys. For Ben, I’d picked up some “healthy” chocolate peanut butter cups. Each boy received a book. I just had to wrap it all and then print out my valentines and affix a little chocolate heart (ordered¬†from Equal Exchange).

For dinner, I whipped up some pancake batter and Ben made the pancakes. We topped them with some blueberry-lavender jelly we’d picked up in Maplewood and it was a tasty dinner! I’d tried to color them pink by adding a few strawberries to the batter but that did nothing at all. Note taken.

Ben and I had already celebrated by taking a few hours to ourselves on Sunday afternoon. We wondered around Maplewood for a bit and had some coffee, explored Penzy’s and a book shop, and had fun looking at goodies in a¬†shop that sold locally-made products.

He surprised me on Tuesday by placing sweet post-it notes all over the house for me to find.

It was a bummer being sick, but love isn’t just about the good times. It’s also about the not-so-good times and how you overcome them as a couple/family. My guys were sweet to me and let me get lots of rest. And what says “I love you” more than an uninterrupted nap?

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