I Tried It and I Liked It: Gluten Free Pizza Crust

It wasn’t too long ago that I was complaining about the lack of a really good gluten-free pizza crust. There are a lot of boxed options out there, and some are pretty tasty, but I’m still not thrilled with the ingredients. I really wanted to find a recipe that I could make myself but still taste good.

I’ve been enjoying recipes with tapioca powder. It lends some fluffiness to baked goods and does a lot to improve the text of almond/coconut flour recipes. The thought occurred to me one day to see if someone had come up with a tapioca pizza crust and lo and behold Pinterest held the answer.

Bravo for Paleo features this pizza crust recipe.

It’s easy and perfect!



We topped ours with Kirkland’s organic marinara sauce, pepperoni, and goat cheddar. It makes a thin crust which is what we prefer anyway.

I’m so happy to have found this recipe. I have a feeling we’ll be having pizza more often than we probably should for a while.

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