Spanish: Colors, numbers, food

Found the Crayola site. I love all the free printables and craft projects!

We’ll be studying Beethoven. We’ll play some of his works for the boys as they prepare for bed and I ordered a movie from Netflix about Beethoven (and NO not the dog movie).


We are gearing up for the new school year. The boys and I have worked semi-steadily throughout the summer. I’m trying to figure out math. I want to go with Saxon, but may stick with Singapore Math since that’s what we know. We’ll be focusing a lot on spelling. Each week Luke learns to spell 10 new words. We’re using the dolch words as our starter list. We’ve been using the Children’s Book of the Bible for our Bible time. It has a ton of Bible stories and information about the Bible such as what family life was like, animals and plants of the Bible, religious customs, etc. After we read a story we always follow up in the Bible so that the boys can see where each story can be found. Abeka for reading. I’m using the same books I read in elementary school. Fun. We’re also choosing one composer and one artist every month to cover art and music. I’m hoping to make use of Zoo Cases to help flesh out science.


We are learning about the human body! Luke learned about taste buds from our dentist and kept asking questions about them. Then we found The Magic Schoolbus: Inside the Human Body book. We’ll also be reading the Usborn Flip Flop Body Book. I found some great, free, worksheets here. We’ll also be reading this interactive article. (please be careful at that site. Not all the videos are kid-friendly)!

Puzzle maker! Make your own word puzzles! Great for spelling lists!


Science for 1st Grade.

Social Studies

Phonics: Explode the Code 4 and 4 1/2
Penmanship: Horizons
History: Abeka
Math: Saxon
Science: we’re starting off with a health and safety curriculum I found at the teacher’s store
Art: Cool hands-on/art history book
More science: A whole years worth of stuff
Free Thanksgiving printables.
Making Music Fun
Presidential Coloring Pages
George Washington’s Rules
Printable, customizable writing paper.
Lincoln Timeline
Gettysburg Address
Social Studies for kids.

June 2012

Third Grade: Free, printable book report.
Math is Saxon 3
Bat Origami
Creepy Crackers
Ballot Printable
Printable Election Booklet
Veterans Day Vocab
Thanksgiving Craft 1
Paper Plate Penquin
MLK maze
Various resources
Social Studies


3rd Grade:
Math: Saxon, and multiplication games
Science: Switched On Schoolhouse
History and Geography: Switched On Schoolhouse
Spelling: Found a recommended word list online and have been making word searches with it.
Reading: Mainly Abeka and The Action Bible
Literature: Read the entire Little House series, now working on the Narnia series
Bible: The Action Bible, Battlefield of the Mind for Kids
PE: Karate 2x a week
Extras: Boy Scouts



4th Grade

Math, Science, Bible, Language Arts, and History and Geography: Switched on Schoolhouse

Literature: Ramona series, last book of Narnia series

Reading: Chapter books from library

PE: Swimming

Extras: Boy Scouts

1st Grade

Bible and Science with Luke (SOS)

History: Abeka

Reading: Library books and Abeka Blue Back Speller


Math: Saxon




Math: Saxon and Life of Fred

Music: School of Rock

Drama: Co-op


Math: Life of Fred and Maps, Money, Magnets (Co-op)

Both boys are doing:

LA: Total Language Plus

History/Bible: Mystery of History

Natural Science: JR Booklets and our 2-week vacation, Stream Clean Team

Computer Science: With Ben, every Thursday evening

Extra: STEM class (Co-op)



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