Valley View Glade Conservation Area

We’ve lived in this house for over 6 years now, but we really don’t know the area well. In the past year, we’ve made friends with people who live a bit further out and they’ve opened our eyes to several new places.

One of those new places being Valley View Glade. I’d never heard of it until a friend mentioned that she was taking her son there and I invited myself along. Another friend jumped on the bandwagon and before we knew it there was a group of 10 of us!

It was a fairly grueling hike in that we had two little ones with us. They were such troopers, but little legs can only go so far! Despite being tired by the end, I think everyone had a good time!

The bigger boys certainly enjoyed themselves. I lost count of how many trees they climbed!

Monkeys in a tree

Bleached trunk

Not a single boy between the 3 of us. (Two of the boys aren’t even pictured here.)

So many boys

Autumn Beauty

Seed pods

My boys don’t get many opportunities to spend time with little ones. Gabe really enjoys these two.

Teaching the little guys

I’m always on the lookout for a heart rock!

Heart rock!



Mushroom on tree

Part of the hike was out in the open, and part of the hike was wooded. Both areas were pretty and I can only imagine how beautiful this hike is in the spring.


Purple berries

Red Berry Clluster


Rocky Path

Fall Fuzzy



Waterfall potential

Yellow beauty

It was so much more fun to hike with friends. I don’t know why we don’t do that more often! We had a great time.

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