Luke: “My-yi yike dat vomie!” (I like that movie.)

Luke: “Too fluffy!” (His way of saying he didn’t like something)

Luke: “My died!” (When he would die in a video game)

Luke: In a sad voice, “Mommy, I can’t double jump.” He tried and tried to double jump like video game characters.

Luke: “Rebbotroober” took us forever to figure out he was saying “rebel trooper.”

Gabe: “Watch this out” (his combo of “check it out” and “watch this”).

Gabe: “I want something to else”. (translates to: I want something else).

Gabe is setting the table and asks, “Is Chelsea married?”. “No, I reply”. “Oh”, he says, “Then she gets the small plate, ’cause she’s not married”.

Luke: after sneezing in his oatmeal, “I got bless-yous in my oatmeal!”

Gabe, at a birthday party: “I’m just here for the food, not for the playing.”

Luke: If I had a million dollars I’d buy a Ferrari…..and then donate it to a charity!

Gabe: I want to be president….of Missouri!
Gabe: “My heart doesn’t have much feeling.” After some prodding and discussion, it was revealed that this means he’s sad.

: “I don’t like those Cat in the Hat books. I mean, a hat on a cat? A cat that talks? It just runs out my head.”

Gabe: “I’ll have another one of those bad boys.” In regards to pancakes I served one morning.

Luke: “Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Luke, who?”

“Luke before you leap!”

Gabe: We watched a documentary about China right before bed. Heard crying coming from the boys’ room and went to investigate. Gabe said he was upset about China. We were puzzled and asked him what, specifically, was so upsetting about China and he said, “Because they’re using up all our resources!” Oh. My. Word.


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