Happy 6th Birthday, Luke!

Luke is six. SIX.


Luke - 1 Day Old

Has turned into this:

Luke - 6 Years Old

From barely walking:

Luke - 1 Year Old

To out on the field:

Luke - Playing Soccer

From only child:

Luke - 2.5 Years Old

To Big Brother:

Luke and Gabe - Big Brother, Little Brother 2007

All along the way, he’s challenged us, changed us, and charmed us. We love you, Bubby!

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2 Responses to Happy 6th Birthday, Luke!

  1. I recognize that blanket =)

    I still remember the day he was born and the stories shortly after. Yes, I’m in shock that he’s six, too!

    Happy birthday, Luke!

  2. Jenn Nolen says:

    I thought you might recognize it! We still have it along with everything else you’ve made for the boys! Someday they’ll have it for their little ones!

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